Not a real post

…but rather a collection of stuff that has happened recently. For each of these things there was a particular reason for my not writing a post but now I want to at least mention them – completely unsorted.

I notice that I have been coping much better since reducing the hours at work last October. I would not want to lose the additional day off – it allows me to have more breaks, to run errands and to be a friendlier person. Simply fantastic!
Beyond this I am incredibly grateful for my work environment and I mention the office quite often in the positive section of my Diary Cards 🙂

For the first time since I can remember I have exactly as many social contacts as I am comfortable with – I really look forward to meeting people and don’t contact anyone just because I think I have to. This is a whole new quality.

In my family a few very tough issues have been discussed and there is exactly one person I want to mention here: My Fiorellinchen who answered questions I never thought I could ever ask. Breathing has been easier since that, as has everything else.

Loki the cat had to get rid of some teeth and is looking like a schoolchild now…somehow he has been even cuddlier since that but I think he’s okay.

During therapy break I self-harmed…not a great thing, obviously, but it made me realize how rarely I get into such extreme states compared to the past.

For the first time in ages reading is more fun than writing…I can hardly put my books aside which might be a reason for the blog being so quiet.

And that’s it, just scraps without connections but at least most of them are pleasant 🙂


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