Thanks for asking #2

As there have been lots of reactions to my last post and as I really had lots of fun writing it, I decided to do a follow-up of the same kind – identic style, different topic šŸ™‚

Yes, I said ex-girlfriend. No, by that I didn’t mean my best friend from primary school. Yes, we had an actual relationship. No, that wasn’t just a phase. Yes, we also had sex. No, that wasn’t like porn. Yes, I’m pretty sure (and glad :D) that most of us don’t act like we’re in some porn movie. No, you definitely couldn’t have watched. Yes, I would also have fallen in love with her if there had been a man around. No, I didn’t miss any body parts you seem to consider essential. Yes, that might mean that I focus more on a person’s character. No, by this I don’t mean to say that I’m immune to *insert name of random celebrity*’s visible charms ;). Yes, I feel attracted to people of different genders despite my happy relationship. No, the fact that this relationship is coincidentally taking place with a man makes me no more straight than my last relationship made me gay. Yes I’m aware that more and more people are living openly queer. No, that’s still not a fad. Yes, I’m also very happy that actually all people will be allowed to marry soon. No, I don’t think this is going to destroy the nuclear family. Yes, I have a different understanding of family than the catholic church. No, by this I don’t want to offend anyone with this religious confession. Yes, I am able to have relationships without the guidance of a dusty institution. No, my current partner is not my first relationship. Yes, he knows about my ex-girlfriend. No, he does not have a problem with that. Yes, I said ex-girlfriend…

…and so we’re going in circles.


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