It is okay if your christmas has not been the most beautiful time of the last year.
Okay if you don’t have any resolutions or huge plans today.
It is okay that you didn’t get through that exam and okay to take a day off.
Okay to eat this piece of chocolate and okay to leave the dishes be.
It is okay to go to a party completely underdressed if you have more fun that way.
Okay to put on your most beautiful dress although you’re just taking out the garbage.
It is okay to look into the mirror and smile at yourself and okay if you can’t do that today.
Okay to be horribly confused because you fell in love with someone where you didn’t expect it.
It is okay not to make that annoying phonecall today and even not making it tomorrow.
Okay if you just don’t have the strength for people who don’t take you just the way you are.
It is okay to call the people who don’t expect anything from you but just make you smile.
Okay if you don’t want to make a huge career and don’t want to have sex and don’t want to drink.
It is okay to go out for some fancy dinner with just yourself as company or to invite all your friends over for some frozen pizza.
Okay not to do what is expected from you.
It is okay to dream – no matter if the others dare to or not.

I just wanted to say this to everyone who might need it. This time of the year is especially marked by huge expectations and it makes me so sad to read how many of you are writing that they “somehow survived” christmas time, that they “got through” troublesome visits from family members and that they once more were putting up a brave front. This is not what any of you are here for!
If I have learned one thing last year, it is that one can breathe better after saying goodbye to other people’s expectations – because at the end of the day there are very few things that we actually have to do. Every “One has to…” is hurting someone out there, is making someone feel insecure and is limiting someone. I don’t particularly like New Year’s resolutions but I do like wishing people all the best for the new year. And this is why I wish all of you that you can get rid of at least one thing you regarded as a necessary evil this year. Because it’s okay to stop doing such things – because we are all okay just the way we are anyway.

Happy New Year!


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