Sunny vitamins

Today I had an appointment with my psychiatrist. As I’m not taking meds I don’t go to see her very often although I feel that I’m in very good hands. She has this kind of caring personality, a little like a kind grandma – just without cake and exaggerated worry. She seemed to be really pleased that my therapy is going so well and promised to let me know if any medication that prevents dissociation was invented – that would be something even I could be persuaded to take šŸ˜€
I appreciate that she never tries to force any meds on me and also that she totally hit the mark when she recommended some herbal sedatives for my panic attacks and tension many months ago.
Today we decided that I would try vitamin D this winter – like most people in this part of the world I get too little sun at least half of the year and would like to fight the tiredness and dejection that come with every winter (actually I usually only notice it when this burst of energy comes with summer, before that I tend to deny the fact that winter can do anything to me).
So now I’m prepared with a wake-up-light, a daylight lamp at work and vitamin D – winter can come šŸ™‚
To all of you who have tried it before: Did you notice a difference with vitamin D? If I recall how huge a difference some iron made when I had a lack of it my hopes are quite high…:)


2 thoughts on “Sunny vitamins

  1. I take 5000 IU of Vitamin D in the summer and 10,000 in the winter months. I get my levels checked every 3 months. I am rarely every sick taking it and it does help with energy. That and my b12 vitamin seem to have really helped. I had low iron for a long time and had to get an infusion so that is no longer an issue but previously I could barely walk around I was so exhausted with low iron. I really hope the vit d helps you!

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