Therapy: Session #21…this time for real

As my therapist was first sick and then on holiday we continued after a four-week break today. And I am sooooooooooooo glad that she’s back! That she’s still here and hasn’t decided that she doesn’t want me anymore in the meantime (yes, my sick brain thinks stuff like that). Above all it was a catching up kind of session – I had much to talk about after the last few weeks. The successes, the failures. Interestingly we touched an issue quite intesely that I hadn’t even had in mind for today but it is a topic that’s not suitable for here. I cried but I also laughed heartedly, it was a bit of everything.

What I can learn from this session above all is that the most dangerous thing for me is my “Nothing matters”- mode I like to adopt. It comes when I feel guilty, or resigned, when I lose my faith in humanity.
On the other hand it’s good for me to look for things I can change in difficult situations and then do exactly that – as little as I like changes that just happen to me, as much I enjoy taking matters into my own hands and that’s something I have to keep in mind more often.

I wish you all a nice weekend!

6 thoughts on “Therapy: Session #21…this time for real

  1. How do we change these “modes” because I have them too. Did she have suggestions on how to come back to a peaceful place after going to a non? I’m always interested in new coping skills if you don’t mind sharing

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    1. Well, in this particular case she advised me to focus on things that I can change, to find out what I need in certain situations…and then act accordingly. Not really a skill I guess, but that’s what she said yesterday…


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