“That could be seen!”

Dear people who are reading this!

I can gladly announce some good news here – please chill some champagne for this occasion. Today I’ve been told that all my doctors have made a mistake and I am not ill after all! Everything was just a huge error and a colleague kindly informed me of it. All the things I could have avoided if only someone had told me *sarcasmoff*!

Colleague in a conversation with the office dog:
“Don’t look so sad, it’s driving me crazy! You have to stay with Nina for a while, she doesn’t have depression like you.”
Me to the copier in an undertone:
Colleague to me:
“Well sure, I mean that could be seen! You don’t have any mental damage!”
Turned around and walked away. Prior to my first coffee I just wasn’t capable of finding a proper retort…


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