Little successes

  • Spent a whole hour in the mall and even bought something completely unnecessary just for myself. But more important: No panic attacks, no dissociation. Breathing and ammonia and peppermint gum and a porcupine ball somehow did the trick 😀
  • Don’t beat myself up because I don’t write much here at the moment. It’s okay for me not to achieve as many posts as I’d like to write – after all I do this for myself and if I don’t want to or can’t write this much right now that’s alright.
  • My partner will not be away for the rest of the week and the sudden change of plan didn’t upset me as it would have mere months ago.
  • Redecorated my room and it looks so nice 🙂
  • Keep going although some things are really tough at work.
  • Thoughts of self-harm exist but don’t take over my whole life.
  • Notice how therapy actually changes my daily routine.

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