Break in the weather

As my mood can change as suddenly as the weather in the north of Britian the travel destination for this holiday was well-chosen 🙂


All in all I was able to really enjoy this trip with my partner (who drove the rental car while I could admire the amazing landscapes) – we felt like we had lots of time, we spent most of our days outside and we saw some really spectacular things…the perfect holiday 🙂
Nevertheless there were two or three days where I could feel a huge weight on my shoulders and although it was just a short time it was quite tough to get through – especially as I hadn’t been able to take all my skills with me (we just had hand luggage and some of my skills include liquids). I felt that being depressed, wanting to cut and feeling empty were even more a waste of time on a holiday than I usually do anyway.

More on the bright side: My fear of flying was totally under control, I don’t know if it was due to the herbal meds I’m taking or just coincidence but it definitely was nice to feel happy on the plane.
Also, it is incredible how good I feel when I can have a break from phone calls, emails, people…everything basically. That is what makes me feel free and it gives me so much strength. Travelling is my elixir of life.


This, by the way is Bamburgh Castle and I want to say a huge “thank you” to the amazing Imani Summer without whom we wouldn’t have heard about this beautiful place 🙂

I find it quite difficult to write an update about nearly two weeks so I’ll just post this quick update today and hope the photos make you happy 🙂


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