Open your eyes!

After a few wonderful reactions to my last post I reckoned that a little reverse as a follow-up would be a nice start for this weekend. This is supposed to be a “thank you” to everyone who has the courage to act when injustice happens or there’s just somebody who needs a friendly ear. In my job and my social environment I can make the experience that there are lots of people who don’t shy away from taking responsibility. And I am damn glad about that:

Friends you can just count on.

Teachers who explain that being able to read and write is not just important for passing exams but mostly for forming an opinion.

Courageous bloggers who raise awareness for issues most people would rather forget about.

People who ask what the story of a scar is instead of judging the person who bears it.

Journalists who see their job as more than just a way to pay the rent.

Families who support their children – unconditionally.

The people who spend their weekends working at the information stand of their favourite NGO even though they are wound up and attacked because of it.

Partners who manage to put a real smile on their significant other’s face when they are depressed.

Medical professionals who don’t just tend to your wounds but also hold your hand for a moment.

All the courageous same-sex couples who kiss in countries where they are being told that love could be a crime.

Everyone who is not too lazy to attend a demonstration for an important issue.

And all the people who support me on my way, are there for me and take me just the way I am.

I am glad you exist – take care and have a nice weekend!


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