Looking away

One of these days where I feel I’m losing my faith in humanity. Not that I have great trust in people generally – too often have I been wrong about someone, too often have I fallen flat on my face after trusting a person, too often have I seen how skeletons in the cloest can remain there for a long time before someone finds them.

For quite a while I have been proud of the fact that most things don’t come as a shock for me anymore – it is very easy to put yourself above others when you expect the worst from every person, it nearly makes you invulnerable.

But still I get so terribly angry when people just look away. I expect humans to do horrible things but what I just can’t wrap my head around is when nobody does anything about it or people who want to raise awareness are actually being attacked:

The great relatives who will “always be there for you” – exactly as long as it’s not about actual support in a very difficult situation.

The people who always tell everyone how important this or that topic is to them – until they are actually confronted and suddenly don’t say anything anymore.

The teachers who wipe the board without any comment, even if it says that the “fag” in the class stinks and should die.

The complete idiots who look away when a woman is being groped on the tram.

The people who just pass by when a homeless person is lying on the ground and doesn’t move.

Those who claim that no one could have guessed that the neighbour was beating his children…until one of them ends up in hospital.

The people who seriously say they didn’t notice how someone started wearing nothing but long sleeves or stopped eating.

Those who claim they didn’t know anything – although they close their eyes and ears everyday because they know exactly what they don’t want to see.

Those who say nothing can be done about it.

Those who give people who try to change something a hard time.

I could go on with this list forever but what I really want to say is: Please extend a helping hand and if you don’t feel capable of that, find someone who can. I have decided that I don’t want to be a human in my next life long ago but as long as I’m here I don’t want to accept that so many horrible things only happen because we let them.

So, politically totally incorrect: Grow yourselves some balls and shout when others can’t – deep down you do know what’s right!


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