The beautiful things :)

  • I am really glad I feel so comfortable with my therapist and already notice how some ways of thinking change
  • At the moment I can (finally) find enough free time where nothing is planned which means I actually can look forward to the things I do without feeling overwhelmed
  • If everything goes according to plan I’ll see the ocean twice this year
  • I feel that my relationships with both of my parents are improving right now and that is really great – thanks!
  • Everything’s fine with my partner 🙂
  • I started doing Clickertraining with our cat Loki and he has already learned some tricks!
  • Since the self-injury when I started therapy in November I have stayed clean
  • The last panic attack occured about then as well
  • I still go running
  • This winter (although colder) was better then the last few years used to be – and it can’t stay for much longer
  • Plan for this evening: Dance class
  • I have good control over the dissociations at the moment, I would never have thought I could influence them to this extent

I want to thank everyone who supports me, writes nice emails, is there for me, makes me laugh and talks to me about things I would have thought of as unspeakable!

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