Therapy-Haul :)


I love stationery and I love boxes so I thought I’d treat myself with some lovely stuff I need for therapy anyway – the treasure chest is now my emergency-skills-box (work in progress), the little bag is for skills I can take with me and the binders are for all my Diary Cards and sheets from therapy. The stickers (with cute little snails to remind me that change needs time) are meant to become treats for successes and I also bought some postcards with beautiful pictures and wise quotes for the binders’ insides.
I’m really happy about this stuff (and constantly try to shut up the little voice that wants to tell me I don’t deserve this and that this is too good for me). Going shopping during Christmas rush was tough enough for me so now I want to enjoy the sunny colours 🙂

Wish you all a nice Friday!
P.S.: This is post number 200, unbelievable!


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