Therapy: Session #1

Today I had my first proper session with my new therapist. It’s amazing how different everything feels compared to the last time I was in therapy. Above all, my new therapist is actually asking questions – and lots of them! It’s so much easier for me to talk when somebody inquires about certain topics and we really spoke about quite a lot of things considering that it was only the second meeting. Of course she wanted to know more about my childhood – my parents’ separation, not really having friends at school and so on. But she also asked a lot about things that help me, resources I have and the way I use them which made me feel like she sees me as a person and not just a bunch of problems. I know that I’m not supposed to compare but only now that I see a new way of a therapist treating me I realize just how uncomfortable I felt with my old therapist.

My homework is to think about what I want to achieve in therapy – short-term, medium-term and long-term and she said she would like to explain some methods she uses next time now that she knows a little about me. I hope it will continue just like this – I was able to talk about quite emotional topics (the fact that I started to sweat and feel pain in my back showed that better than anything) but at the same time she didn’t put pressure on me when I couldn’t keep going. It’s just exactly what I’ve always hoped therapy would be like and if she continues to treat me in such a respectful way I’m sure I’ll be able to trust her really quickly 🙂

Wish you all a nice weekend!


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