Just hand luggage


With this I’m reporting back after my holiday – I have a few more days off but I’m not going abroad anymore. The days by the sea were beautiful, I simply love it – the infinite openness, the sound of the waves, the salty air, just everything! And I love to travel with only hand luggage, to put everything I need into one backpack and then not having to worry about any other property. It’s a feeling of freedom 🙂

But still…I have a habit of always having a cutter with me “just in case”. I used to do that because I needed one for work, now I do it so that I don’t have to bite the inside of my cheeks or scratch the hollows of my knees until they bleed in an “emergency”. It makes me nervous when there could be a situation in which I don’t have anything to self-harm and that’s not compatible with the rules for hand luggage. As much as I like travelling, it’s still stressful: My fear of flying, too little retreat and silence, overstimulation, being without my partner, and in this holiday also the nightmares…I breathed lots of sea air and everything went well. Afterwards I went to my hometown to visit people. With some I had a great time, in other cases I was glad when it was time to leave. Now I’m (finally) sitting on my couch with our ever-purring cat, sorting out the holiday snaps and trying to hold on to the salty air in my nose.


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