Lazy about writing

The fact that there hasn’t been a new post here for quite a while now is a good sign – I’m busy with a thousand things in my life and most of them are pleasant so I don’t have any motivation for thoughts about panic attacks, cutting or emptiness when that stuff seems far away for once 🙂

I wish you lots of sunshine in this golden autumn!


6 thoughts on “Lazy about writing

  1. Thats great, enjoy!

    But hey – these are “borderletters” and your border has definately two sides. I don’t see why you could only write about the bad moods? Maybe it’s even more exiting – especially for other border people – to read about the better moods?

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    1. Thanks 🙂
      I totally agree with you – I should definitely write more about the good days…it’s one of my weaknesses that I don’t do that…
      I’ll try to fix that, promise 😀

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