Happy Birthday!

I can hardly believe it but today my blog is one year old! In this year it became so much more for me than I’d ever expected. When I first sat down with the idea that a blog could be the kind of writing I like I wasn’t even sure if I had enough to say for such a project. And when someone read one of my posts for the first time I thought that would remain an isolated incident for a long time…another thing I was wrong about as my blog (German and English counted together) now has:

  • 3337 visitors from 28 countries
  • 150 posts

And I just want to thank everyone who read something here. You encourage me so much more than I could ever have expected (after all I still don’t view myself as an internet-person). I’ve learned so much from this experience, from other blogs, from the simple fact that I have a space here for all the things I find hard in realf life…it’s really wonderful!

I want to start the second year of this blog by looking back at the year before I started blogging. When I realized that I needed help I started to write important incidents into a kind of “loose-screw-journal”. This journal could be viewed as the predecessor of my blog and I thought that it’s quite a pity that has been in my drawer since September 2015, completely unnoticed. The journal starts in September 2014 and when I see how far I’ve come in these past two years I am truly amazed. Now I want share this journey – each of the following day will be about one of the months between my diagnosis and the start of this blog (you can see these posts in the category “The year before the blog”).

I am curious as to what the next year might bring and hope that most of those who read here continue to do so and that some new people may find their way here. Once again THANKS to everyone who encourages me and all the best for you!



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