…feeling secure in a family that you didn’t know existed (again).
…getting rid of an old burden and breathing like you haven’t in ages.
…swimming, having barbecue, swimming a little more.
…friends who take you just the way your are.
…purring cat in the lap.
…enjoying a good book so much you forget everything around you.
…a pretty colourful room full of warm memories.
…a partner who seems like a character from a movie.
…a job that makes you look forward to entering the office on Monday morning.
…blueberries with yogurt.
…unexpected kind words.
…singing under the shower as if you were on stage.
…sleeping through the night and dreaming beautiful things.
…not just existing, but living.

What about you?


4 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Happiness
    . feeling save in the presence of a loving man
    . walking in nature and finding new exciting paths
    . cuddling with animals
    . kissing
    . making D/s Love
    . words
    . leaving a smile in peoples faces
    . reading a good story
    . cooking together
    . strolling through parks
    . making picniccs
    . open air cinema
    . seeing desire in the eyes of a beloved one

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