Sometimes I’m completely useless in situations I should be able to handle – for example:
An acquaintance tells me about her own mental problems and I simply don’t know what to tell her. I would love to cheer her up, give her some advice, make her smile, really anything. And I don’t come up with any useful idea. Then I wonder what I want people to do in that kind of situation but somehow I just know what I hate: Pity, “You just have to think positive!”, the question why this happened to me I can’t answer.

But that still doesn’t tell me what I’m supposed to say – I can’t really put my finger on what people who make it easy to talk are doing. I don’t know what makes me open up. Simply asking questions is a good start – I can also do that when it comes to other peoples’ problems. If I know how to help I quickly have all the advice centers and clinics at hand. But every time I’m just supposed to listen without acting I screw up. Even though I know how she feels…


4 thoughts on “Difficult

  1. I try to just empathize, ” That must be so hard. I am so sorry you are going through that.l” Kind of thing. In the moment it is just not always easy to know what to say though.

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