Lots of news

There is so much going on in my life right now as if every little thing I’ve ever worked on suddenly starts to have an effect and everything slowly changes.

On Saturday I’ll meet my supervisor (I wrote about him in my last post). Last time I was this nervous was before I had my coming-out, except this time I don’t even know what I’m afraid of.

I might have a new therapy place (I’m not crying the wolf until I’m perfectly sure), I’ll probably have a first appointment in November with a person who made me feel fine from the first moment on – it feels so different from last time and I’d be so glad if this worked the way it seems to right now.

And then there are the people I love and with whom so much is happening. I go through a lot of things with my great colourful hippie-mum, things of which I’d never dreamed I could ever talk about with her, we are supported by people of whom I’d never expected it, my partner is awesome as always and once again I wonder how I deserve him and I start getting better at talking about problems.

Even though many things hurt and confuse me, I think that I’m on the right way 🙂


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