Dear readers – I give you…jigsaw puzzles!

Purchased a 1000-piece puzzle two weeks ago. Nearly finished it within a week. Happy 🙂

I can completely forget everything else when I’m building a puzzle. Reading also works very well when I have to distract myself but sometimes I don’t have enough concentration for complicated stories. Handicraft and painting are fine but there’s always the danger of me not being happy with the result. When I’m stitching I can get so angry that soft pieces of a puzzle are a very wise choice compared to needles and scissors. Listening to music is easier whilst I’m doing something else as I’m a very visual kind of person. Building jigsaw puzzles is perfect – I’m so happy with all the colours and shapes and with not having to think – awesome! Just a handful of pieces and the result will be up on my wall this week 🙂


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