Mental illness and pets


Today I told Loki the cat (yes, he’s grown since the last picture :)) how inspiring he is for me and that I wouldn’t be so well without him. That also made me think about Ernesto the dog who was there for me when I was a teenager and never complained about all the rage and desparation he saw.

So I want to thank these beautiful and tender animals for being there. I believe that pets can be an incredibly important part of life, especially for people who feel lonely. Loki for example is always there when I would be on my own otherwise. He reminds me how important it is to play and be carefree. Even when I’m sad or scared he is able to make me smile when he falsifies the theory that cats are moving gracefully. His curiosity makes me see the little things like beautiful raindrops on the window or the softness of a blanket or the warm sunshine he’s enjoying in the picture. He listens to all the crazy stuff I have to say and although I’m pretty sure he often thinks I’m weird, it’s not for the same reasons I think I’m silly. He knows that cuddling can be great comfort and that his purring can relax me even when I’m panicking. And although I sometimes don’t see a reason for him to bite my feet he is a kind of skill without knowing it – even I can’t be so numb that I don’t feel his claws when he’s fighting a hard battle with my left hand while I’m trying to eat with my right one. I have no idea if he loves me or just the fact that I’m able to hunt for his food in the supermarket and open it when I’m back home but I do know that I’m glad he’s there and that he’s contributing to the mental stability I enjoy right know. And also that he won’t abandon me if that stability ends some day.

I wish everyone (who isn’t allergic) who is lonely or mentally ill or suffering for another reason a companion like Loki or Ernesto (whom you can  see below) because animals can sometimes be better than any therapy I know of.



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