Realization of the century

Yesterday I had the epiphany of my life. Attention, dear reader, prepare for an unbelievable amount of undiluted wisdom because I saw something that nobody has ever realized before:

Life is a thousand times better when you’re breathing.

To everyone who expected more wisdom: I’m sorry to disappoint you. But even the rest of you will need a little explanation as to what exactly is so groundbreaking about my insight. Usually, my life goes like this:
I hold my breath when I’m thinking.
I hold my breath when I’m running.
I hold my breath when I’m sad.
I hold my breath when something’s exhausting.
I hold my breath when I’m scared.
I hold my breath when I’m exercising.
I hold my breath when I’m insecure or nervous.
I hold my breath when I’m climbing stairs.
I hold my breath when I’m angry.
I hold my breath while the phone is dialling.
And so on and so forth. So all in all I spend quite a lot of time holding my breath.

Of course I’ve always been aware that this is not a good thing, even I can see that a human body needs oxygen to function. Furthermore I’ve always known that it is good for the mind to take a deep breath as well. But still I was never good at it. I wanted to avoid noise when breathing and it never seemed to be something that works just on its own. When I’m concentrating on breathing exercises everything’s just fine but as soon as I don’t pay attention to breathing I start doing what others do underwater.

Yesterday, just after a yoga lesson it felt like something “clicked”. And since then I’m breathing, the whole time. Even, or especially when I feel unwell or something is difficult. For more than 24 hours. As if seven years of dancing lessons, a lot of yoga and everything my singing teacher has ever told me suddenly added up and bang! I’m simply breathing. And I feel great. There is so much air just for me, my body feels wonderful and everything’s so easy.

I guess it’s a little sad when someone in their mid-twenties is happy about learning how to breathe but, people out there, I’m going to drink to this now πŸ™‚

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