German idioms for cutters

I know that this post will prbably come across really weird but I realized that there are a lot of idioms in German that sound quite interesting for someone who cuts. I’ll try my best to translate them here in order to keep both of my blogs (German and English) complete.

“So, what about the thing we’ve talked about?”

“It’s all settled.” (German ~ “It’s carved/cut.”)

“You’re aware that you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face?” (This one works in English as well – German ~ “You’re cutting into your own flesh.”)

“You have to understand, such a life-changing experience…” (German ~ “Such a carving/cutting experience”)

“Please, just be sensible! Take a leaf out of your girlfriend’s book…” (German ~ “Cut off a slice from your girlfriend”)

German: The language for cutting 😀
I don’t know if there are more similar idioms in English (If so, please feel free to share them in the comments). I wish you a cut-free weekend in any case!

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