Books and music

This weekend showed me (again) just how important reading and listening to music are for me. I learned how to read when I was four years old and since then it has been my most important leisure activity – a way of escaping every day routine and reality in general. When I’m reading I don’t even hear when someone’s talking to me, I just vanish somewhere between the pages. I forget to eat and drink (and no, it’s not just another way of harming myself), if a book is really good, I can’t stop and I don’t want to. I have to know everything about the characters and the author, it’s like an addiction but in a positive way.

As for listening to music – I was very lucky as both my parents have a great taste of music and I just grew up hearing all the songs that still touch me. I tried playing the guitar and singing – I’m not particularly good at either of them which made me sad for a long time but I still love doing both. Even when I’m empty or dissociated, music is the one thing that can still reach me and that’s what makes it so incredible for me.

I daresay that I wouldn’t still be here without books and music in my life – I wouldn’t like to imagine my youth without books that took me away to different places and I’m certain I would have snapped completely without the oppurtunity to feel and shout when a song caught me.

Yesterday was as perfect as a day can be – sleeping through the night (finally!), having a huge breakfast and spending the day reading on the sofa with cat and partner and chocolate. And in the evening we went to a beautiful concert…I actually felt healthy all day long!


4 thoughts on “Books and music

  1. I play the banjo, read multiple books, write poetry. I understand exactly what you mean. Many people do not understand how valuable these things are for me. I also play computergames and even my therapist acknowledges its importance.

    But still there are people who cannot understand that I just NEED to do these things and that I need to take my time for it. They say things like “Sure, I would also like to read and play games, but I need to work all day and you’ll have to learn to fo so as well”. That hurts. I don’t just do those things to enjoy myself, I do them to find the necessary peace of mind. They are a necessity!

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    1. Thanks for this comment, it really says what I meant to say: Without books and music I start getting worse within days, it’s actually scary. I am so glad I found those things and I’m glad for everyone else who feels that way – don’t let people who think it’s just a nice pastime get to you – just write a poem for them 😉

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