Sleeping through the night

…is not on the agenda at the moment. I hardly ever have problems with it – lying down and sleeping for eight hours without a single dream I remember is one of my greatest talents. But in the last few weeks it somehow doesn’t work. I dream way too much for my taste: Things that happened, things that might have happened, things of which I wish they hadn’t happened and things I know didn’t happen but terrify me nevertheless. The aftermath of those dreams often last for the whole day, I can’t just shake them off as I get up in the morning. Even if I don’t remember the dreams I often wake up and feel so alert that I know my head didn’t have any rest. And it’s getting on my nerves. It’s getting on my nerves because I have enough to think about, need much energy as it is and go through many hard days. I don’t need unsettling nights.
Tonight I’ll sleep well. I just decided so. Over and out šŸ™‚

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