It’s probably just a mood swing

When I was younger I always thought that mood swings were something for women in their climacteric period or a stupid buzzword. Today I know better. I know every time I am incredibly sad, thinking I’ll never be happy again and then forget that as soon as something makes me angry. I know it when I leave my office in a very good mood, making a resolution to stay that way until I’m back home and then grow impatient with my partner the moment I open the door. I know it when I despair out of the blue and catch myself thinking “It’s just gonna be one of those mood swings again. Just don’t take it seriously.”

Mood swings make it hard for me to express my needs because after all if I can’t take seriously what I’m thinking any more, how could anyone else? I hate my mood swings, they feel immature and annoying and exhausting. They’re just a silver lining when I’m bad and know it’s not going to last for long…


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