I hate confusion

At least once in  a week I offend someone by being confused. Apparently I appear to be really angry when I feel that I just don’t know what’s going on and ask questions. It’s true that I like to understand things and get frustrated when I don’t get the information I need (especially at work) but every single time I enquire what somebody meant the answer is “Calm down, what’s up with you? You don’t need to be so choleric” and I’m really annoyed with myself because of that. I try asking questions in a polite and calm tone but by the looks of it I really suck…

Does anyone of you have that problem too? Or maybe even a hint as to how I can work on it? It’s one of those things where I wish I could see myself like others do…and realize that my self-image is faaaar away from what “normal” people see…


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