So far, I like 2016

Over the last few days I was so occupied with living that I neglected blogging terribly – that’s probably a good sign as I misuse my dear readers as complaints boxes most of times 🙂

I spent New Year’s Eve up on a high roof – not in order to jump but in order to look down and see the whole city and watch the fireworks, amazed like a small child – thanks to the person who enabled me to do this and thanks to my partner for this wonderful New Year’s Eve!

Then I spent the last two days with my wonderfully colourful and incredibly big-hearted mum in a thermal spa – tha warmth, the water, the conversations, the food…a dream.

Well and now I’m sitting here with a bowl of delicious pasta, watching Loki the cat play and not feeling too happy about daily routine having me back by tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “So far, I like 2016

  1. That’s a great positive vibe you are riding there! Keep it up :D.
    I haven’t been blogging due to similar reasons :). Let’s hope we’ll run into more positivity!

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