A successful year :)

When I think of the bad place I was in when this year started and compare it to where I am now, there’s an incredible difference. In 2015 more things than ever before happened (although, to be honest, I think that every year) and I am so grateful and happy – mostly because I finally took things into my own hands and spoke up so I don’t feel so powerless anymore but also because many people supported me and to a certain extent because I simply was lucky πŸ™‚

This is my list of successes:

  • I used the time I couldn’t work and was in therapy very well, but more importantly, I managed to work and cope on my own afertwards.
  • I got a new job because I persevered long enough and also because important people believed in me. I’m so happy in my ob now.
  • I moved in with my partner, that wouldn’t have been possible in my former state and not only does itΒ work – it’s going really well :). Apart from that, it’s amazing that we’ve been together for three and a half years and that routine can be something nice in a relationship, I wouldn’t have thought so.
  • A cute little tomcat lives with us and I wouldn’t want him to leave!
  • I can’t say an exact number but I didn’t self-harm nearly as often as I used to in previous years.
  • The number of my panic attacks has decreased from two a day to two in a month – I can totally live with that.
  • I learned to leave situations in which I normally would just stop feeling my body. Now it rarely happens that I watch myself from the outside which means I can remember things better.
  • It’s the end of December and getting up is manageable. Sometimes I’m not motivated but that’s something completely different than being unable to get up.
  • I had my wisdom teeth removed, something that I should have done years ago but hadn’t due to fear.
  • I had a few heart-to-hearts with my family and the only person who thought that what happened was possible was my therapist: Many things changed and now it’s lighthearted and honest and beautiful, I’m actually happy when I see my relatives!
  • I started blogging without any plans or expectations and what happened is incredible for me – it’s not just good for me to write but I also get lots of positive Feedback.

So this is a huge Thanks to my partner, my family, my friends, my team at work, people who are reading this and everyone else who made possible what would’ve been impossible a year ago. Tomorrow I’ll drink to you and, above all, my success πŸ™‚

Happy new year and love to you!


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