Everything’s relative

Thanks to a wonderful little concert yesterday, I was able to recover from my low on Friday. As long as there are no extreme emotions such as panic or rage, I am capable of seeing that it will be over quickly anyway – I can’t remember a single day on which I could stay in the same mood all day long. I know, other people feel tired in the morning, fit a little later and happy that the day is over in the evening too but that’s not what I mean. I alternate so much, angry in one minute and scared in the next and an hour later I’m up in the clouds – that has to be mentioned as well, when I feel fine, I feel great and invincible. But that doesn’t last long either so I can’t do much more than enjoy the good times and somehow get through the bad ones (yet). Sometimes that makes me so tired that I don’t take myself seriously at all and I’ve come to think that BPD-symptoms only get less extreme in one’s thirties because they just get too exhausting. Whatever, I still have a whole day to recover from my up and down, just to start a new one tomorrow.

To a peaceful Sunday 🙂


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