Chaos and Loki

It’s a pity how little time I have for this blog at the moment, there is so much I’d like to write about. This weekend I will write some more, this is just a brief update:

  • My family discussed my letter (refer to my last post) a lot (without me), now it seems that there is a sort of calm after the storm. Nobody really knows how to go on, I don’t think too much about it, maybe we will start from scrap, healthier and without anyone having to endure anything for somebody else’s pleasure. That’s my feeling so far.
  • Two days ago, we got a new flatmate: A ginger tomcat named Loki. For me as a dog person it is very fascinating to see how independent and uncomplicated the little fellow is. There are a few signs that he’s a little sick but I hope it’s just the stress from moving – I already like him a lot.
  • At work there is a huge reconstruction project going on and meanwhile we still have to do all the everyday stuff, so no peace anywhere.

I’m so looking forward to a relaxed weekend where I finally have some time for myself and my partner. My psyche deals with all that quite well, but as I’ve not had panic attacks for a while I don’t want to provoke one.


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