Feeling my body

I spent the long weekend in a thermal spa with my partner and once again I noticed the importance of feeling my body in a positive way. Although I usually don’t like being touched by strangers I can enjoy massages; sauna and whirpool also contribute to me feeling my body as well as I haven’t for quite a while.

Wenn I am about to hurt myself or I am in a dissociated state it is obvious that I don’t or hardly feel my body and holding my numb hand into cold water doesn’t help in those situations.

In contrast, moving, feeling, perceiving my body works very well as a preventive measure – the more I do those things the better I feel as a whole. That might be completely obvious to somebdy else but for me it comes as a surprise again and again. Once more, my intellect tells me that it has worked before but I can’t remember the feeling which is why I am surprised when the same thing works again.

Here are a few examples that (surprisingly for my stupid head) work

  • spending time in thermal spas, be it the sauna, the swimming, a massage,….
  • Dancing, for a long time when I was a teenager that was the only thing that let me feel my body
  • Good food 🙂
  • Music, to a certain extent, especially when I am doing something myself (singing, playing the guitar,…)
  • Sex
  • Cleaning (out) – sound stupid but actively doing something that makes my surroundings nicer and feeling different objects in my hands can be quite helpful.
  • Tiger balm, the strong smell and the cold sensation on the skin.

Like I said, skills are something I can’t work with but when I do enough of the things above regularly I manage to keep a good feeling for my body and it is really interesting how alive I feel that way. That way I can understand that it must seem pretty crazy to hurt oneself for most people 🙂

Dear people who are reading this – what are those things for you? Do you know that feeling?


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