Daylight lamp

After a few days of using my new lamp, this is the first experience report:

First of all, the light of these lamps is so bright that one needs to get a little used to it. My lamp is in my office as that is the place where I spend the most time awake. I also think about getting one of these daylight-sunrise-alarm-wake up-things…you know what I mean 😀
Out of the corner of my eye I always think that the sun is shining outside which is nice. I couldn’t say that I really notice a strong effect on my psyche but I definitely feel more awake physically. I am not yawning all the time and I don’t wish for a cuddly blanket all day long. That makes working easier and as tiredness can lead to emptiness or dissociation, there might be an indirect effect on my mental health as well.

Conclusion: It surprised me how quickly there was an effect of using the lamp, so it is definitely a very uncomplicated way of making winter a little easier 🙂

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