The question whether BPD is curable or not is raised very often. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t have the impression that science gives us a single valid answer to that. What I read most of the time is that cure is not really possible but symptoms can decrease when borderliners get into their thirties which leads to a higher stability so that they couldn’t be diagnosed anymore (don’t ask me where the difference to being cured is here, I always thought that an illness is defined by the patient’s pressure of suffering). Different things like a stable environment or not being addicted to drugs can help reducing the symptoms.

As far as I know there is a difference between axis 1 disorders (like anxiety disorders, eating disorders,…) which last a certain time and can often be treated medically and axis 2 disorders like personality disorders which, as the name suggests, last (life-) long. For these, there are often no specific medical treatments – for example there are no tablets for borderline, one can only treat symptoms.

Therefore my impression is that in spite of all antidepressants, therapy or whatever things that might help it is best to just learn to live with a personality “disorder”. I don’t like the word disorder as I’m not out of order 24/7, just sometimes 😀
I can definitely say that a stable environment helps a lot and therapy can be great for certain problems, to process things and to be a sort of safety net. But borderliners have the reputation of being therapy-resistent (I think that there needs to be a lot of trust between therapist and client and I know many borderliners where that didn’t work or stopped working sooner or later…).

Once I made the mistake of thinking that everything is just fine, that my “dark time” is finally over and I could never again fall that far. Wrong. In my head, some things are working differently (automatically wrong?) from how they do in other peoples’ heads. I need to be vigilant constantly. There just have to be enough triggers for my demons to start running wild again. I might be “in remission” once more (don’t know if one can say that about mental illnesses) but never again will I think that it is over just to be bitterly disappointed if it’s not. Enjoy the good days, learn to deal with the tough ones, get help if necessary…basically just like everyone else. 


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