Winter is coming…

Apart from yesterday having been quite disappointing and distressing, I noticed that it is far too dark all the time already. I am a summer person, I don’t like the cold, I don’t like when the leaves are dying on the trees (although the colours can be pretty) and I don’t like when it’s dark when I’m getting up in the morning as well as when I’m coming home in the evening. When I worked at a bakery, my body developed the habit of reacting to alarm clocks with tears if I feel I haven’t slept enough or it is dark. I always thought it was the lack of sleep but as it happened last autumn when I was really down and today in the morning I came to the conclusion that it must be this evil time of the year. I never believed in the winter blues but as I am whiny and despondent every autumn and just want to sleep through winter I probably was wrong about that…I think the only reason for people loving snow is that it is light.

Whatever, I don’t need another winter in which my partner sees me waking up crying every second day and has to carry me out of bed with a warm dressing gown and a cup of tea so I decided to get a daylight lamp. Quite a lot of people told me that faked sunlight actually helps being less tired and downcast and if that is true, it’s definitely worth the money. I ordered the lamp so it will be delivered next week. I’ll tell you about it soon.

I wish you all a lot of light, cuddly blankets and tea 🙂


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