Transitional objects

…a complicated term, but an interesting topic. I first read about it in a book about borderline und immediately found it helpful.

Transitional objects are things that are used to make losing/missing somebody a little easier or to remember something, just like a child is comforted by a teddy bear or a doll. For example, I always carry something with me that reminds me of my partner – let’s say, a pendant I got from him last holiday or something like that. And if I know that I will be seperated from him for a few days, I always keep a shirt that he has worn to make falling asleep easier.

Non-borderliners also use transitional objects so this is not a symptom or something to worry about but according to my book, borderliners seem to use more transitional objects (for example when being in hospital for a longer time) more often. Until I read about it, I never wondered why or what for I am keeping transitional objects but now that I think about it I realize that I can actually use them to comfort me and make coping with my fear of being abandoned a little easier instead of acting destructively. I start to create a sort of network of transitional objects for different situations so that I have something to hold on to at any time (and I don’t mean material security here). To be honest, I have no idea if this is just such a realization for me and everybody else does so anyway but I thought if I write about it here, it might be useful for somebody else as well – for me, transitional objects are much more helpful than all skills that doctors teach together 🙂 …and also I find it strange that there is so little information about the topic being related to BPD, I really just read it in that book, not on a single homepage.

So what are your experiences with transitional objects? I’m really interested…


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