Music – Help or Trigger?

Some time ago, I had a discussion concerning music with another Borderline-Personality. Personally, I think that music is an incredibly important thing, I don’t want to image a life without my CDs. But the borderliner mentioned before told me that he never listens to music because he is concerned about the effect that certain songs have on him. And somehow, I can see what he means – I mean, we all have songs that evoke certain memories, be it nice ones or bad ones. And that is the point – there actually are songs which I can’t listen to without feeling sick, getting flashbacks or even panic attacks. I guess, that’s what the discussion was about. And still…that concept works the other way round as well. Songs that are linked with positive memories can sometimes touch me when nothing else can and that is what I love music for. It can give me a comformting, happy mood and I can let things out that I would bottle up otherwise by singing, or rather screaming songs.

I’m interested in what you think about that topic, so if this is read by a person who’d like to comment – tell me what you think: Is music a dangerous thing that should be handled carefully or something that makes life more beautiful?


One thought on “Music – Help or Trigger?

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